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Club Cantamar would like to thank everyone who made this diving season one of the best ones in many years. If you visited CLUB CANTAMAR this year, you probably got to see all the hard work and continuous projects that Club Cantamar has worked on and that has put in operation; just like our new fully air-conditioned sea-view restaurant, or our new dive boat "Siempre Si" and the remodeled boat "Libearacion" which has been converted into our own liveabaord boat. Everyone at Club Cantamar believes that all this couldn't have been possible with all your help, trust and support. Club Cantamar will continue to expand in the next year, so look forward to recieve more news and updates in the following months.


We would like to thank all of first-time groups who decided give Club
Cantamar and diving in Baja a try.

Dive Quest Scuba - USA
Aquamarine Divers - Germany
Mrs. Pat Jones Group - UK
Morzine La Palanquee - France
Georges Van den Abeele - Belgium
Kathy Jobins Group - USA
Boes Dive Shop - Switzerland
Sheryl Marucca - USA
Travel For You Inc. - USA
Captain Nemo’s - USA
Divers Cove - USA
Pascal Juigne - France

Hope to see all of you in 2012!!!


This season was incredible. The weather and water conditions were at is best! The highest water temperature reading was 85F with visibility reaching up to 100ft in most dive sites, therefore our big friends decided to stay around for a good part of the season. Whale sharks were first spotted in mid June and July, then in late August, 5 of these “gentle giants” decided to pay us a second visit. Until the date this was written there were 6 whale sharks wondering around the La Paz Bay waiting for guests to come and say hello.
Giant Pacific Mantas were also in the area. They were generally together with the Whale Sharks which made it a unique experience for those divers waiting for an opportunity like this. Many hammerhead shark sightings were registered at El Bajo Seamounts this
year. All of our liveabord trips (6) were very lucky in finding them on every trip. More than 100 schooling hammerheads was reported by one of or dive masters onboard.

  RATES 2005

Dive Packages Rates:Our 2005 package rates have been posted in our website. We still continue to offer our popular FULL and HALF BOARD packages. Non-diver rates have been standarized to be 70% of the regular diver rate, giving the non-diver freedom to join aboard for snorkeling and joining their friends any day they wish (limited to the number of diving days of the package) including lunch & drinks aboard. (Previous sing-up required at the hotel’s front desk) All package rates have changed, so please visit our web site to catch up and plan your next diving trip to Club Cantamar.

Hotel Rates:Hotel Only rates for 2005 have also changed. Starting January ‘05, regular room rates will include a full breakfast at our new sea-side restaurant for every guest. Breakfast will be offered from a set menu during the low season months (Mid Nov - Mid July) and buffet style during our high season months (Mid July - Mid Nov)

“Diving Only" Rates:For all of our friends and dive shop owners who have used only our diving services for the diving portions of your trips and when accommodations and other services are arranged with other hotels, we would like to inform you that the rate and comp policy has been standardized for all. This applies for groups of all sizes and cancels any previous agreements made with Mr. Fernando Aguilar (Owner) in the past years. If you are a repetitive dive shop / group organizer and want to know the new established rates and comps, please contact us at



Year after year our dive boats are becoming more popular due to their large deck spaces, fast speed, reliability and even for their captains!. Many of our repetitive groups have requested dive boats to be assigned solely for their group members. Unfortunately due to their high demand we will only be able to fulfill these requests for groups that have the minimum divers required to fill the requested dive boat. We can assure you that it will
not be long when we have more boats to fulfill group requests of any size.

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